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Mr. Royce Hooks, 12th grade Counselor - [email protected]

Ms. Neisha Riley, 11th grade Counselor - [email protected]

Dr. Tiffany Henderson, 10th grade Counselor - [email protected]

Ms. Suzanne Ladmirault, 9th grade Counselor - [email protected]


 The Counseling Department provides various services to our students to assist them in meeting academic, social/emotional, and college/career goals.  Below is a list of ways we assist students:

-Develop a positive attitude toward learning
-Set and reach academic goals
-Develop an Individual Graduation Plan
-Explore post-high school options
-Improve test-testing skills
-Increase Dual Enrollment opportunities

-Gain greater self-awareness
-Develop positive attitudes
-Make effective decisions
-Improve responsibility
-Develop relationship skills
-Resolve conflict

- Analyze the interrelations of their interest and abilities
-Set realistic goals and to make the steps to necessary to complete their plan
-Develop skills in career decision making
-Navigate the college admission process Including 2 years, 4 years, technical school And/or military options
-Navigate and complete the financial aid process

Parent Information

2019 9th-10th Grade Parent Night Slides

Financial Aid Resources:

Community Service Information:

Edna Karr High School encourages our students to seek community service opportunities so that students can:
- Explore interests, passions, and potential career aspirations in an engaged, hands-on environment.
- Engage students in their communities.
- Have a process to apply student learning in a social setting.

Students also receive a Community Service endorsement on their high school diploma. 

                              Minimum Yearly Requirements

 9th Grade


 10th Grade


 11th Grade


 12th Grade


See links below for types of community service that is admissible as well as a link to the tracker:

Community Service Diploma Endorsement Categories

Community Service Endorsement Guidelines


Bloom Legal Scholarship

Programs Offered by the Counselor’s Office
Louisiana Field Outreach Services (11th & 12th Graders)
LA Gear Up (9th & 10th Graders)

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